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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Use CyberGhost Free VPN to Bypass Internet Censorship And Access Blocked Sites

Bypass Internet Censorship

It is a control on the information access over the internet by a government, individual, organization or private party. Sometimes you see Geo-restrictions over the internet and you can't access some websites in that particular Geo-location. Actually government or organization of that country or location has the full rights to control the internet access. Actually whenever they think that there is any information or material on the internet that is not suitable for their society or culture; they ban its public access. This is known as Internet Censorship. Egypt, Libya, China and Pakistan are some of the countries where people face a lot of internet censorship problem.

Government blocks access to a website but people still want to access that site because they love it. Then how can they access their favorite sites. A VPN is the perfect solution of that problem and if you use CyberGhost free VPN client then you can unblock all blocked websites easily. It is fast and easy to use.

So first you must know about a VPN (virtual private network) before you use it to bypass internet censorship and access blocked sites. Using VPN you can hide your original IP address by changing it with an another IP address provided by a vpn client from one of its servers. By hiding your IP address you can bypass all IP-address related restrictions and also you can bypass Geo-restrictions as your IP address will be changed by a foreign IP after connecting with a secure VPN client.

First we used proxy sites in old days; As you know that your school and college blocked access to some websites. Actually these proxy sites were slow and they also blocked by admin as he knew about them so next time we searched for a new one. But this time we have a VPN (CyberGhost VPN) which is faster and reliable than a proxy. CyberGhost VPN encrypts your network traffic to provide 100% privacy and you can also remove internet censorship problem.

You can download and install cyberghost VPN client with one click. It is very easy to handle and use. You can also buy premium server locations for unlimited bandwidth and dedicated IP address.